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CHIA Strategy Map

Larger image Larger image Larger image Coalition building & maintenance Larger image A model for change Larger image Training & TA Larger image Resources Larger image 2. Prioritize & choose effective strategies Larger image 3. Plan for action Larger image 1. Assess Larger image Changes in awareness Larger image Changes in behavior Larger image Impact Larger image 4. Act & evaluate efforts: Underage Drinking: Root Causes Map Larger image Adult Excessive Alcohol Use Larger image Underage Drinking Larger image Changes in local conditions Larger image Alcohol-Related Problems Larger image 4. Act & evaluate efforts: Adult Excessive Alcohol Use: Root Causes Map Watch an archived webinar: Introducing the CHIA Strategy Map for Preventing and Reducing Alcohol Misuse (1 hour) UW-Extension: Enhancing Program Performance with Logic Models CADCA's Planning Primer: Developing a Theory of Change, Logic Models and Strategic and Action Plans Advocacy & Policy Change Logic Model Resources for Improving Community Health: www.wicommunityhealth.org Download the User Guide: A Companion to the Strategy Map.  The User Guide contains a searchable site map and a guide to using the strategy map at various stages of coalition work. Download the CHIA Sample Dashboard for Measuring the Progress and Impact of Alcohol-Related Initiatives AND its User Guide
Slice 1: Overall Map
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