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CHIA Strategy Map

Using this DoView model

This is a web page version of a model created by DoView* software (version 4.0). The original DoView file, a PDF of the model, or both, may be available for download from the options bar at the bottom of the screen. To open and edit the original DoView file offline on your local computer, you will need to have installed DoView software, available here.

Navigating a DoView web model

Internal navigation

A model can have many pages. The contents bar on the right hand side of the screen contains all the pages within the model. Display a page by clicking on its name, or by using the green navigation arrows above the contents bar. In addition, some boxes in the model may contain hyperlinks to other parts of the model, which look like (these are called "page-jumps" in DoView). Clicking on these internal hyperlinks is another way to view pages within the model.

External web links

Some models may contain hyperlinks links to the web, shown by the icon. Click on it to display the external webpage.

Original DoView file may contain more information than this web page model

There may be more information in the original DoView file than you can view in this web page model. For instance, the original DoView file may include notes about any box or link in the model.

Link icons:  ^  ||

DoView software can record how all the boxes are linked, for example, how a box causes or results from others. This web page model may show how a single box is linked to others (its borders shown in bold). In this case, boxes causing it are shown by double vertical lines, ||, on their top. Boxes resulting from it are shown by a rising arrow head on their bottom, ^.

How are DoView web page models created?

DoView web page models are created by DoView software, available here. Create one from within DoView by selecting the File » Create Web Page Model menu option. The web page model will be saved in your preferred subdirectory, ready to be uploaded to an intranet or the Internet.


* DoView© is software designed for building simple outcomes models for strategic planning, evaluation and other purposes. Other names for outcomes models are: strategy models, logic models, means-ends diagrams, program logics, intervention logics, results-chains, program theories, theories of change and strategy maps.

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internal link icon = internal link. external link icon = external link.
This is a web page version of a DoView model.
The full model may contain additional information.