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CHIA Strategy Map

Municipal Inventory: Evidence-Based Policies & Practices to Improve the Alcohol Environment SAMHSA: Practicing Effective Prevention: Risk and Protective Factors 2 pages on the Resources for Improving Community Health website: Assess (under the Resources by Stage Tab) for general resources on how to assess, including quantitative and qualitative assessment, and Links (under the Alcohol-Related tab) for specific sources of alcohol-related data The Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) Assessment Primer, which includes more information about using a question-driven approach and idenitfying root causes and local conditions United States Census Bureau WISH - Wisconsin Interactive Statistics on Health (WI Dept. of Health Services) County Health Rankings and Roadmaps Wisconsin Department of Health Services: Alcohol and Other Drug Use Statistics Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Alcohol Use Statistics Larger image Alcohol-specific tool:  SPF SIG Assessment Toolkit, including templates for key informant interviews,focus groups, and environmental scans This tool also has a template for key informant interviews:  Tri-Ethnic Center Community Readiness Handbook: Community Readiness for Community Change General tool:  Listening to the Community: A Guide to Primary Data Collection Larger image 4. Act & evaluate efforts: Underage Drinking: Root Causes Map Larger image 4. Act & evaluate efforts: Adult Excessive Alcohol Use: Root Causes Map Larger image Youth Retail Access: Sample Local Strategy Map Larger image Underage Drinking Larger image Adult Excessive Alcohol Use Larger image Alcohol-Related Problems Larger image About the YRBS Larger image Drug-Free Communities: Grantee Indicators Larger image Youth Social Access: Sample Local Strategy Map Larger image Retail Environment: Sample Local Strategy Map
Slice 1.6: Overall Map » 1. Assess
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