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CHIA Strategy Map

Larger image Power Prism Campaign Planning Archived CHIA webinar: An Introduction to using the Power Prism for Advocacy Campaigns Resources for Improving Community Health website:  visit the Table of Resources page (under the Resources by Stage tab) to download: The Template Implementation Plan, a pdf guide to the development of a well thought-out implementation plan; Use the Blank Editable Template (doc) or the Example Editable Template (doc) to create an implementation plan that fits your community's needs. Resources for Improving Community Health website: Act (under the Resources by Stage Tab) includes resources for creating an implementation plan. CADCA Implementation Primer CADCA Planning Primer Alcohol-Related Objectives with Focus:  A Pick List of Sample Objectives for Effective Implementation has sample measurable objectives and the evidence base for strategies.
Slice 1.8: Overall Map » 3. Plan for action
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