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CHIA Strategy Map

Larger image The Alliance for Wisconsin Youth provides member coalitions with support services, training, and peer-to-peer support via telephone, email, meetings, visits, and workshops Community Health Improvement in Action (CHIA) provides community health improvement training opportunities with a focus on alcohol-related work, including webinars and in-person trainings. Visit the website for resources including archived webinars and a listserv. The Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) offers several training opportunities, including webinars, the Mid-Year Training Institute, and the National Coalition Academy. The National Coalition Academy, a three-week training course, is offered free of charge; participants only need to cover travel costs. Participants receive instruction on core competencies essential for a highly-effective coalition, ranging from developing strategic and action plans and building partnerships to enhancing cultural competence and resource development.  The Wisconsin Alcohol Policy Project (WAPP) at the University of Wisconsin Law School provides training, tools and technical assistance to individuals and groups-- including local elected officials, law enforcement and coalitions-- on the evidence-based policies and practices that prevent and reduce alcohol misuse and abuse.  TA includes everything from training sessions on alcohol policy to answering questions by telephone about specific alcohol-related policies or problems.  The WAPP holds the biennial Wisconsin Alcohol Policy Seminar (in even-numbered years) to offer training and information on developments in alcohol policy. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (Division of Care and Treatment Services, Bureau of Prevention Treatment and Recovery) hosts a biennial Wisconsin Statewide Substance Abuse Prevention Training (in odd-numbered years) and, with the Wisconsin Alcohol Policy Project, a biennial Wisconsin Alcohol Policy Seminar (in even-numbered years).  The Division also provides technical assistance to substance abuse services professionals.
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